Lenovo 65W AC Adapter (USB Type-C) 4X20M26268


Each AC adapter is bundled with a power cord (cable for US, UK, EU or AU plugs) depending on your shipping address.

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This Lenovo 65W Standard AC Adapter (USB Type-C) Power Adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go. This power adapter is compatible with ThinkPad USB-C enabled Notebook and Tablet.

Charging Port USB-C
Input Power 100-240 V ~ 1.5A 50-60 Hz
Output 20V~3.25A 65W


Description ID
100e AMD G3-82J7 – 100e Gen 3 82J7
100e AMD G3-82J8 – 100e Gen 3 82J8
100e G3-82UY – 100e Gen 3 82UY
100e G3-82V0 – 100e Gen 3 82V0
100w AMD G3-82HY – 100w Gen 3 82HY
100w AMD G3-82J0 – 100w Gen 3 82J0
10w-82ST – 10w 82ST
10w-82SU – 10w 82SU
11e Yoga 6th Generation-20SE MT 2020 20SE
11e Yoga 6th Generation-20SF MT 2020 20SF
13w Yoga-82S1 – 13w Yoga 82S1
13w Yoga-82S2 – 13w Yoga 82S2
14e Chrome G2-82M1 – 14e Chromebook Gen 2 82M1
14e Chrome G2-82M2 – 14e Chromebook Gen 2 82M2
14w G2-82N8 – 14w Gen 2 82N8
14w G2-82N9 – 14w Gen 2 82N9
300e AMD 3rd Generation-82J9 – 300e Gen 3 82J9
300e AMD 3rd Generation-82JA – 300e Gen 3 82JA
300w AMD G3-82J1 – 300w Gen 3 82J1
300w AMD G3-82J2 – 300w Gen 3 82J2
500e G3-82JB – 500e Gen 3 82JB
500e G3-82JC – 500e Gen 3 82JC
500w G3-82J3 – 500w Gen 3 82J3
500w G3-82J4 – 500w Gen 3 82J4
A285-20MW MT 20MW
A285-20MX MT 20MX
A485-20MU MT 20MU
A485-20MV MT 20MV
C13 Yoga G1 Chromebook-20UX MT 2020 20UX
C13 Yoga G1 Chromebook-20UY MT 2020 20UY
C14 G1 Chromebook-21C9 – C14 Gen 1 Chromebook 21C9
C14 G1 Chromebook-21CA – C14 Gen 1 Chromebook 21CA
E14 2nd Generation-20TA MT 2020 20TA
E14 2nd Generation-20TB MT 2020 20TB
E14 2nd Generation-ARE-20T6 MT 2020 20T6
E14 2nd Generation-ARE-20T7 MT 2020 20T7
E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20Y7 – E14 AMD Gen 3 20Y7
E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20YD – E14 AMD Gen 3 20YD
E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20YE – E14 AMD Gen 3 20YE
E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20YF – E14 AMD Gen 3 20YF
E14 AMD G4-21EB – E14 AMD Gen 4 21EB
E14 AMD G4-21EC – E14 AMD Gen 4 21EC
E14 G4-21E3 – E14 Gen 4 21E3
E14 G4-21E4 – E14 Gen 4 21E4
E14-IML-20RA MT 20RA
E14-IML-20RB MT 20RB
E15 2nd Generation-ARE-20T8 MT 2020 20T8
E15 2nd Generation-ARE-20T9 MT 2020 20T9
E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YG – E15 AMD Gen 3 20YG
E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YH – E15 AMD Gen 3 20YH
E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YJ – E15 AMD Gen 3 20YJ
E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YK – E15 AMD Gen 3 20YK
E15 AMD G4-21ED – E15 AMD Gen 4 21ED
E15 AMD G4-21EE – E15 AMD Gen 4 21EE
E15 G2-20TD MT 2020 20TD
E15 G2-20TE MT 2020 20TE
E15 G4-21E6 – E15 Gen 4 21E6
E15 G4-21E7 – E15 Gen 4 21E7
E15-IML-20RD MT 20RD
E15-IML-20RE MT 20RE
E480-20KN MT 20KN
E480-20KQ MT 20KQ
E485-20KU MT 20KU
E490-20N8 MT 20N8
E490-20N9 MT 20N9
E490s-20NG MT 20NG
E495-20NE MT 20NE
E580-20KS MT 20KS
E580-20KT MT 20KT
E585-20KV MT 20KV
E590-20NB MT 20NB
E590-20NC MT 20NC
E595-20NF MT 20NF
Hub 700-20MY MT 20MY
Hub 700-20N0 MT 20N0
K14 AMD G1-21CU – K14 Gen 1 21CU
K14 AMD G1-21CV – K14 Gen 1 21CV
K14 G1-21CS – K14 Gen 1 21CS
K14 G1-21CT – K14 Gen 1 21CT
L13 Clam 2nd Generation-20VH MT 2020 20VH
L13 Clam 2nd Generation-20VJ MT 2020 20VJ
L13 Clam AMD G2-21AB – L13 Clam Gen 2 21AB
L13 Clam AMD G2-21AC – L13 Clam Gen 2 21AC
L13 Clam AMD G3-21B9 – L13 Clam Gen 3 21B9
L13 Clam AMD G3-21BA – L13 Clam Gen 3 21BA
L13 Clam G3-21B3 – L13 Clam Gen 3 21B3
L13 Clam G3-21B4 – L13 Clam Gen 3 21B4
L13 Clam-20R3 MT 20R3
L13 Clam-20R4 MT 20R4
L13 Yoga 2nd Generation-20VK MT 2020 20VK
L13 Yoga 2nd Generation-20VL MT 2020 20VL
L13 Yoga AMD G2-21AD – L13 Yoga Gen 2 21AD
L13 Yoga AMD G2-21AE – L13 Yoga Gen 2 21AE
L13 Yoga AMD G3-21BB – L13 Yoga Gen 3 21BB
L13 Yoga AMD G3-21BC – L13 Yoga Gen 3 21BC
L13 Yoga G3-21B5 – L13 Yoga Gen 3 21B5
L13 Yoga G3-21B6 – L13 Yoga Gen 3 21B6
L13 Yoga-20R5 MT 20R5
L13 Yoga-20R6 MT 20R6
L14 AMD G1-20U5 MT 2020 20U5
L14 AMD G1-20U6 MT 2020 20U6
L14 AMD G2-20X5 – L14 Gen 2 20X5
L14 AMD G2-20X6 – L14 Gen 2 20X6
L14 AMD G3-21C5 – L14 Gen 3 21C5
L14 AMD G3-21C6 – L14 Gen 3 21C6
L14 G2-20X1 – L14 Gen 2 20X1
L14 G2-20X2 – L14 Gen 2 20X2
L14 G3-21C1 – L14 Gen 3 21C1
L14 G3-21C2 – L14 Gen 3 21C2
L15 AMD G1-20U7 MT 2020 20U7
L15 AMD G1-20U8 MT 2020 20U8
L15 AMD G2-20X7 – L15 Gen 2 20X7
L15 AMD G2-20X8 – L15 Gen 2 20X8
L15 AMD G3-21C7 – L15 Gen 3 21C7
L15 AMD G3-21C8 – L15 Gen 3 21C8
L15 G2-20X3 – L15 Gen 2 20X3
L15 G2-20X4 – L15 Gen 2 20X4
L15 G3-21C3 – L15 Gen 3 21C3
L15 G3-21C4 – L15 Gen 3 21C4
L380-20M5 MT 20M5
L380-20M6 MT 20M6
L380-20M7 MT 20M7
L380-20M8 MT 20M8
L390-20NR MT 20NR
L390-20NS MT 20NS
L390-20NT MT 20NT
L390-20NU MT 20NU
L480-20LS MT 20LS
L480-20LT MT 20LT
L490-20Q5 MT 20Q5
L490-20Q6 MT 20Q6
L580-20LW MT 20LW
L580-20LX MT 20LX
L590-20Q7 MT 20Q7
L590-20Q8 MT 20Q8
Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen-81M8 MT 81M8
Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen-82GJ MT 2020 82GJ
Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen_BRL-82LR MT 2020 82LR
Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen AST-82CD MT 2020 82CD
Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen AST_BRL-82LS MT 2020 82LS
Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK 2-82Q3 – Lenovo 100e Chrome 2nd Gen MTK 2 82Q3
Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK-81QB MT 81QB
Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen-81MA MT 81MA
Lenovo 100e Chromebook-MT 81ER 81ER
Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet-82AM MT 2020 82AM
Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet-82AQ MT 2020 82AQ
Lenovo 14e Chromebook-81MH MT 81MH
Lenovo 14w-81MQ MT 81MQ
Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen-81M9 MT 81M9
Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen-82GK MT 2020 82GK
Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen AST-82CE MT 2020 82CE
Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK-81QC MT 81QC
Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen-81MB MT 81MB
Lenovo 300e Chromebook-81H0 MT 81H0
Lenovo 500e Chromebook 2nd Gen-81MC MT 81MC
Lenovo 500e Chromebook-MT 81ES 81ES
Lenovo Tablet 10-20L3 MT 20L3
Lenovo Tablet 10-20L4 MT 20L4
Lenovo ThinkBook 13s-IML-MT 20RR 20RR
Lenovo ThinkBook 14-IIL-MT 20SL 20SL
Lenovo ThinkBook 14-IML-MT 20RV 20RV
Lenovo ThinkBook 14s Yoga ITL-MT 20WE 20WE
Lenovo ThinkBook 14s-IML-MT 20RS 20RS
Lenovo ThinkBook 15-IIL-MT 20SM 20SM
Lenovo ThinkBook 15-IML-MT 20RW 20RW
Lenovo V14 G3 ABA(Brazil)-82UN – Lenovo V14 G3 ABA(Brazil) 82UN
Lenovo V14 G3 ABA-82TU – Lenovo V14 G3 ABA 82TU
Lenovo V14 G3 IAP(Brazil)-82UL – Lenovo V14 G3 IAP(Brazil) 82UL
Lenovo V14 G3 IAP-82TS – Lenovo V14 G3 IAP 82TS
Lenovo V15 G3 ABA-82TV – Lenovo V15 G3 ABA 82TV
Lenovo V15 G3 IAP(Brazil)-82UM – Lenovo V15 G3 IAP(Brazil) 82UM
Lenovo V15 G3 IAP-82TT – Lenovo V15 G3 IAP 82TT
Lenovo V320-MT 81AH 81AH
Lenovo Y520-15IKBA-MT 80WY 80WY
Lenovo Y520-15IKBM-MT 80YY 80YY
Lenovo ideapad 320-14AST-MT 80XU 80XU
Lenovo ideapad 320-17IKB-MT 80XM 80XM
Lenovo ideapad 320-17IKB-MT 81BJ 81BJ
Lenovo ideapad 320-17ISK-MT 80XJ 80XJ
Lenovo ideapad 320S-14IKB-MT 81BN 81BN
Lenovo ideapad 320S-15IKB-MT 81BQ 81BQ
Lenovo ideapad 520S-14IKB-MT 81BL 81BL
Lenovo ideapad 720-15IKB-MT 81AG 81AG
Lenovo ideapad 720-15IKB-MT 81C7 81C7
Lenovo ideapad 720S-13IKB-MT 81BV 81BV
P14s 2nd Generation-20VX MT 2021 20VX
P14s 2nd Generation-20VY MT 2021 20VY
P14s AMD G1-20Y1 – P14s AMD Gen 1 20Y1
P14s AMD G1-20Y2 – P14s AMD Gen 1 20Y2
P14s AMD G2-21A0 – P14s AMD Gen 2 21A0
P14s AMD G2-21A1 – P14s AMD Gen 2 21A1
P14s G3-21AK MT 2022 21AK
P14s G3-21AL MT 2022 21AL
P15s 1st Generation-20T4 MT 2020 20T4
P15s 1st Generation-20T5 MT 2020 20T5
P15s 2nd Generation-20W6 – P15s Gen 2 20W6
P15s 2nd Generation-20W7 – P15s Gen 2 20W7
P16s AMD G1-21CK – P16s AMD Gen 1 21CK
P16s AMD G1-21CL – P16s AMD Gen 1 21CL
P16s G1-21BT – P16s Gen 1 21BT
P16s G1-21BU – P16s Gen 1 21BU
P43s-20RH MT 20RH
P43s-20RJ MT 20RJ
P51s-20HB MT 20HB
P51s-20HC MT 20HC
P51s-20JY MT 20JY
P51s-20K0 MT 20K0
P52s-20LB MT 20LB
P52s-20LC MT 20LC
P53s-20N6 MT 20N6
P53s-20N7 MT 20N7
S1 4th Gen-STORM-3.0 20LK MT 20LK
T14 2nd Generation-20W0 MT 2021 20W0
T14 2nd Generation-20W1 MT 2021 20W1
T14 2nd Generation-20W2 MT 2021 HC 20W2
T14 2nd Generation-20W3 MT 2021 HC 20W3
T14 AMD G1-20UD MT 2020 20UD
T14 AMD G1-20UE MT 2020 20UE
T14 AMD G2-20XK – T14 AMD Gen 2 20XK
T14 AMD G2-20XL – T14 AMD Gen 2 20XL
T14 AMD G3-21CF – T14 AMD Gen 3 21CF
T14 AMD G3-21CG – T14 AMD Gen 3 21CG
T14 G3-21AH – T14 Gen 3 21AH
T14 G3-21AJ – T14 Gen 3 21AJ
T14s 2nd Generation-20WM – T14s Gen 2 20WM
T14s 2nd Generation-20WN – T14s Gen 2 20WN
T14s AMD G1-20UH MT 2020 20UH
T14s AMD G1-20UJ MT 2020 20UJ
T14s AMD G2-20XF – T14s AMD Gen 2 20XF
T14s AMD G2-20XG – T14s AMD Gen 2 20XG
T14s AMD G3-21CQ – T14s AMD Gen 3 21CQ
T14s AMD G3-21CR – T14s AMD Gen 3 21CR
T14s G3-21BR – T14s Gen 3 21BR
T14s G3-21BS – T14s Gen 3 21BS
T15 2nd Generation-20W4 – T15 Gen 2 20W4
T15 2nd Generation-20W5 – T15 Gen 2 20W5
T16 AMD G1-21CH – T16 AMD Gen 1 21CH
T16 AMD G1-21CJ – T16 AMD Gen 1 21CJ
T16 G1-21BV – T16 Gen 1 21BV
T16 G1-21BW – T16 Gen 1 21BW
T470-20HD MT 20HD
T470-20HE MT 20HE
T470-20JM MT 20JM
T470-20JN MT 20JN
T470s-20HF MT 20HF
T470s-20HG MT 20HG
T470s-20JS MT 20JS
T470s-20JT MT 20JT
T480-WINDU-2.0 20L5 MT 20L5
T480-WINDU-2.0 20L6 MT 20L6
T480s-KOLAR-1.0 20L7 MT 20L7
T480s-KOLAR-1.0 20L8 MT 20L8
T490-20N2 MT 20N2
T490-20N3 MT 20N3
T490-20Q9 MT 20Q9
T490-20QH MT 20QH
T490-20RX MT 20RX
T490-20RY MT 20RY
T490s-20NX MT 20NX
T490s-20NY MT 20NY
T495-20NJ MT 20NJ
T495-20NK MT 20NK
T495s-20QJ MT 20QJ
T495s-20QK MT 20QK
T570-20H9 MT 20H9
T570-20HA MT 20HA
T570-20JW MT 20JW
T570-20JX MT 20JX
T580-20L9 MT 20L9
T580-20LA MT 20LA
T590-20N4 MT 20N4
T590-20N5 MT 20N5
TP25-20K7 MT 20K7
ThinkBook 13s 2nd Generation-ITL-MT 20V9 20V9
ThinkBook 13s G4 ARB-21AS – ThinkBook 13s G4 ARB 21AS
ThinkBook 14 2nd Generation-ARE-MT 20VF 20VF
ThinkBook 14 2nd Generation-ITL-MT 20VD 20VD
ThinkBook 14 3rd Generation – ACL-MT 21A2 ThinkBook 14 G3 ACL 21A2
ThinkBook 14 G3 ITL-21A3 – ThinkBook 14 G3 ITL 21A3
ThinkBook 14 G4 ABA-21DK – ThinkBook 14 G4 ABA 21DK
ThinkBook 14 G4 IAP-21DH – ThinkBook 14 G4 IAP 21DH
ThinkBook 14 G4+ IAP-21CX – ThinkBook 14 G4+ IAP 21CX
ThinkBook 14s 2nd Generation-ITL-MT 20VA 20VA
ThinkBook 14s Yoga G2 IAP-MT 21DM 21DM
ThinkBook 15 2nd Generation-ARE-MT 20VG 20VG
ThinkBook 15 2nd Generation-ITL-MT 20VE 20VE
ThinkBook 15 3rd Generation – ACL-MT 21A4 ThinkBook 15 G3 ACL 21A4
ThinkBook 15 G3 ITL-21A5 – ThinkBook 15 G3 ITL 21A5
ThinkBook 15 G4 ABA-21DL – ThinkBook 15 G4 ABA 21DL
ThinkBook 15 G4 IAP-21DJ – ThinkBook 15 G4 IAP 21DJ
ThinkBook 16 G4+ IAP-21CY – ThinkBook 16 G4+ IAP 21CY
ThinkPad 11e 4th Generation-20HW MT 20HW
ThinkPad 11e 4th Generation-20HX MT 20HX
ThinkPad 11e 4th Generation-20HY MT 20HY
ThinkPad 11e 4th Generation-20J0 MT 20J0
ThinkPad 11e 5th Generation-20LM MT 20LM
ThinkPad 11e 5th Generation-20LN MT 20LN
ThinkPad 11e 5th Generation-20LQ MT 20LQ
ThinkPad 11e 5th Generation-20LR MT 20LR
ThinkPad 13 1st Generation-20GJ MT 20GJ
ThinkPad 13 1st Generation-20GK MT 20GK
ThinkPad 13 1st Generation-20GL MT 20GL
ThinkPad 13 1st Generation-20GM MT 20GM
ThinkPad 13 2nd Generation-20J1 MT 20J1
ThinkPad 13 2nd Generation-20J2 MT 20J2
ThinkPad A475-20KL MT 20KL
ThinkPad A475-20KM MT 20KM
ThinkPad L14-20U1 MT 2020 20U1
ThinkPad L14-20U2 MT 2020 20U2
ThinkPad L15-20U3 MT 2020 20U3
ThinkPad L15-20U4 MT 2020 20U4
ThinkPad P14s-20S4 MT 2020 20S4
ThinkPad P14s-20S5 MT 2020 20S5
ThinkPad T14-20S0 MT 2020 20S0
ThinkPad T14-20S1 MT 2020 20S1
ThinkPad T14-20S2 MT 2020 HC 20S2
ThinkPad T14-20S3 MT 2020 HC 20S3
ThinkPad T14s-20T0 MT 2020 20T0
ThinkPad T14s-20T1 MT 2020 20T1
ThinkPad T15-20S6 MT 2020 20S6
ThinkPad T15-20S7 MT 2020 20S7
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3-20KJ MT 20KJ
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3-20KK MT 20KK
ThinkPad X1 Tablet-20GG MT 20GG
ThinkPad X1 Tablet-20GH MT 20GH
ThinkPad X1 Tablet-20JB MT 20JB
ThinkPad X1 Tablet-20JC MT 20JC
ThinkPad X270-20KC MT 20KC
ThinkPad X270-20KD MT 20KD
ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JH MT 20JH
ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JJ MT 20JJ
X1 Carbon 5th Generation-20HQ MT 20HQ
X1 Carbon 5th Generation-20HR MT 20HR
X1 Carbon 5th Generation-20K3 MT 20K3
X1 Carbon 5th Generation-20K4 MT 20K4
X1 Carbon 6th Generation-20KG MT 20KG
X1 Carbon 6th Generation-20KH MT 20KH
X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20QD MT 20QD
X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20QE MT 20QE
X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20R1 MT 20R1
X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20R2 MT 20R2
X1 Carbon 8th Generation-20U9 MT 2020 20U9
X1 Carbon 8th Generation-20UA MT 2020 20UA
X1 Carbon 9th Generation-20XW – X1 Carbon Gen 9 20XW
X1 Carbon 9th Generation-20XX – X1 Carbon Gen 9 20XX
X1 Carbon G10-21CB – X1 Carbon Gen 10 21CB
X1 Carbon G10-21CC – X1 Carbon Gen 10 21CC
X1 Fold-20RK MT 2020 20RK
X1 Fold-20RL MT 2020 20RL
X1 Nano-20UN MT 2020 20UN
X1 Nano-20UQ MT 2020 20UQ
X1 Titanium G1-20QA MT 2020 20QA
X1 Titanium G1-20QB MT 2020 20QB
X1 Yoga 2nd Generation-20JD MT 20JD
X1 Yoga 2nd Generation-20JE MT 20JE
X1 Yoga 2nd Generation-20JF MT 20JF
X1 Yoga 2nd Generation-20JG MT 20JG
X1 Yoga 3rd Generation-RAVEN-3.0 20LD MT 20LD
X1 Yoga 3rd Generation-RAVEN-3.0 20LE MT 20LE
X1 Yoga 3rd Generation-RAVEN-3.0 20LF MT 20LF
X1 Yoga 3rd Generation-RAVEN-3.0 20LG MT 20LG
X1 Yoga 4th Generation-20QF MT 20QF
X1 Yoga 4th Generation-20QG MT 20QG
X1 Yoga 4th Generation-20SA MT 20SA
X1 Yoga 4th Generation-20SB MT 20SB
X1 Yoga 5th Generation-20UB MT 2020 20UB
X1 Yoga 5th Generation-20UC MT 2020 20UC
X1 Yoga 6th Generation-20XY – X1 Yoga Gen 6 20XY
X1 Yoga 6th Generation-20Y0 – X1 Yoga Gen 6 20Y0
X1 Yoga G7-21CD – X1 Yoga Gen 7 21CD
X1 Yoga G7-21CE – X1 Yoga Gen 7 21CE
X12 Detachable 1st Generation-20UV MT 2020 20UV
X12 Detachable 1st Generation-20UW MT 2020 20UW
X13 AMD G1-20UF MT 2020 20UF
X13 AMD G1-20UG MT 2020 20UG
X13 AMD G2-20XH – X13 AMD Gen 2 20XH
X13 AMD G2-20XJ – X13 AMD Gen 2 20XJ
X13 AMD G3-21CM – X13 AMD Gen 3 21CM
X13 AMD G3-21CN – X13 AMD Gen 3 21CN
X13 G1-20T2 MT 2020 20T2
X13 G1-20T3 MT 2020 20T3
X13 G2-20WK – X13 Gen 2 20WK
X13 G2-20WL – X13 Gen 2 20WL
X13 G3-21BN – X13 Gen 3 21BN
X13 G3-21BQ – X13 Gen 3 21BQ
X13 Yoga 2nd Generation-20W8 MT 2021 20W8
X13 Yoga 2nd Generation-20W9 MT 2021 20W9
X13 Yoga G3-21AW – X13 Yoga Gen 3 21AW
X13 Yoga G3-21AX – X13 Yoga Gen 3 21AX
X13 Yoga-20SX MT 2020 20SX
X13 Yoga-20SY MT 2020 20SY
X13s G1-21BX – X13s Gen 1 21BX
X13s G1-21BY – X13s Gen 1 21BY
X270-20HM MT 20HM
X270-20HN MT 20HN
X270-20K5 MT 20K5
X270-20K6 MT 20K6
X280-20KE MT 20KE
X280-20KF MT 20KF
X380 Yoga-STORM-3.0 20LH MT 20LH
X380 Yoga-STORM-3.0 20LJ MT 20LJ
X390 Yoga-20NN MT 20NN
X390 Yoga-20NQ MT 20NQ
X390-20Q0 MT 20Q0
X390-20Q1 MT 20Q1
X390-20SC MT 20SC
X390-20SD MT 20SD
X395-20NL MT 20NL
X395-20NM MT 20NM
Z13 AMD G1-21D2 – Z13 Gen 1 21D2
Z13 AMD G1-21D3 – Z13 Gen 1 21D3


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