Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny 65W AC Adapter (Slim-tip) 4X20E53336


Each AC adapter is bundled with a power cord (cable for US, UK, EU or AU plugs) depending on your shipping address.

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The ThinkCentre Tiny 65W AC adapter is your perfect travel companion for ThinkCentre Tiny systems. Leave your bulky standard AC adapter at home as you travel with your ThinkCentre system and bring the much more compact and portable Tiny 65W adapter with you instead. This ThinkCentre power supply is very energy efficient and is backed by a 1 year Lenovo warranty. It is a slim adapter with 1 meter length of power cord and can be easily stored in a ThinkCentre Tiny Power Cage. It’s the perfect choice for on-the-go power for your ThinkCentre.

Charging Port Slim-tip
Input Power 100-240 V ~ 1.5A 50-60 Hz
Output 20V~3.25A 65W


Description ID
Lenovo V30a-22IML-11FV 11FV
Lenovo V30a-22IML-11FW 11FW
Lenovo V30a-24IML-11FT 11FT
Lenovo V30a-24IML-11FU 11FU
Lenovo V540-24IWL AIO-10YS 10YS
ThinkCentre Chromebox-10H2 10H2
ThinkCentre Chromebox-10H3 10H3
ThinkCentre Chromebox-10H4 10H4
ThinkCentre Chromebox-10H5 10H5
ThinkCentre Chromebox-10H6 10H6
ThinkCentre Chromebox-10H8 10H8
ThinkCentre Chromebox-10H9 10H9
ThinkCentre E63z-10D4 10D4
ThinkCentre E63z-10D5 10D5
ThinkCentre E63z-10D6 10D6
ThinkCentre E63z-10D7 10D7
ThinkCentre E63z-10E0 10E0
ThinkCentre E63z-10E1 10E1
ThinkCentre E63z-10E2 10E2
ThinkCentre E63z-10E3 10E3
ThinkCentre E63z-10EL 10EL
ThinkCentre M53-10DB 10DB
ThinkCentre M53-10DC 10DC
ThinkCentre M53-10DD 10DD
ThinkCentre M53-10DE 10DE
ThinkCentre M53-10DV 10DV
ThinkCentre M53-10DW 10DW
ThinkCentre M53-10DX 10DX
ThinkCentre M53-10DY 10DY
ThinkCentre M600-10G8 10G8
ThinkCentre M600-10G9 10G9
ThinkCentre M600-10GA 10GA
ThinkCentre M600-10GB 10GB
ThinkCentre M600-10GC 10GC
ThinkCentre M600-10GD 10GD
ThinkCentre M600-10GE 10GE
ThinkCentre M600-10GF 10GF
ThinkCentre M600-10GG 10GG
ThinkCentre M600-10GH 10GH
ThinkCentre M600-10GJ 10GJ
ThinkCentre M600-10GK 10GK
ThinkCentre M600-10GL 10GL
ThinkCentre M600-10GM 10GM
ThinkCentre M600-10KG 10KG
ThinkCentre M600-10KH 10KH
ThinkCentre M600-10KJ 10KJ
ThinkCentre M600-10KK 10KK
ThinkCentre M625q-10TF 10TF
ThinkCentre M625q-10TG 10TG
ThinkCentre M625q-10TH 10TH
ThinkCentre M625q-10TJ 10TJ
ThinkCentre M625q-10TK 10TK
ThinkCentre M625q-10TL 10TL
ThinkCentre M625q-10UY 10UY
ThinkCentre M625q-10V0 10V0
ThinkCentre M625q-10V1 10V1
ThinkCentre M625q-10V2 10V2
ThinkCentre M700-10HY 10HY
ThinkCentre M700-10J0 10J0
ThinkCentre M700-10JM 10JM
ThinkCentre M700-10JN 10JN
ThinkCentre M700-10JQ 10JQ
ThinkCentre M700-10JR 10JR
ThinkCentre M700-10JS 10JS
ThinkCentre M700-10JT 10JT
ThinkCentre M710q-10MQ 10MQ
ThinkCentre M710q-10MR 10MR
ThinkCentre M710q-10MS 10MS
ThinkCentre M710q-10MT 10MT
ThinkCentre M710q-10N3 10N3
ThinkCentre M710q-10QR 10QR
ThinkCentre M710t-10M9 10M9
ThinkCentre M715q-10M2 10M2
ThinkCentre M715q-10M3 10M3
ThinkCentre M715q-10M4 10M4
ThinkCentre M715q-10M5 10M5
ThinkCentre M715q-10RA 10RA
ThinkCentre M715q-10RB 10RB
ThinkCentre M715q-10RC 10RC
ThinkCentre M715q-10RD 10RD
ThinkCentre M720q-10T7 10T7
ThinkCentre M720q-10T8 10T8
ThinkCentre M720q-10T9 10T9
ThinkCentre M720q-10TA 10TA
ThinkCentre M720q-10TC 10TC
ThinkCentre M73e-10AX 10AX
ThinkCentre M73e-10AY 10AY
ThinkCentre M75q-1-11A4 11A4
ThinkCentre M75q-1-11A5 11A5
ThinkCentre M75q-1-11A6 11A6
ThinkCentre M75q-1-11A7 11A7
ThinkCentre M83 Tiny-10E8 10E8
ThinkCentre M83 Tiny-10E9 10E9
ThinkCentre M83 Tiny-10EA 10EA
ThinkCentre M83 Tiny-10EB 10EB
ThinkCentre M900-10FL 10FL
ThinkCentre M900-10FM 10FM
ThinkCentre M900-10FR 10FR
ThinkCentre M900-10FS 10FS
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AD 11AD
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AE 11AE
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AF 11AF
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AG 11AG
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AH 11AH
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AJ 11AJ
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AK 11AK
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AM 11AM
ThinkCentre M90n-1-11AS 11AS
ThinkCentre M910q-10MU 10MU
ThinkCentre M910q-10MV 10MV
ThinkCentre M910q-10MW 10MW
ThinkCentre M910q-10MX 10MX
ThinkCentre M910q-10N4 10N4
ThinkCentre M910q-10QN 10QN
ThinkCentre M920q-10RR 10RR
ThinkCentre M920q-10RS 10RS
ThinkCentre M920q-10RT 10RT
ThinkCentre M920q-10RU 10RU
ThinkCentre M920q-10V8 10V8
ThinkCentre M93-10A4 10A4
ThinkCentre M93-10A5 10A5
ThinkCentre M93p-10AA 10AA
ThinkCentre M93p-10AB 10AB
ThinkPad T60p-2008 2008


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